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For admirable achievements, it's important to award a dignified trophy reflective of the hard work put into earning it. An eagle trophy is the perfect way to award the guest of honor at your next awards ceremony.

The eagle is a patriotic symbol that represents some of this country’s most important values, such as bravery, honesty and leadership, which makes it a natural choice of subject matter for patriotic trophies. Yet there are many ways to design the details. Let’s explore some of the best eagle trophies we have to offer, at every price point.

Low-Cost Eagle Trophy Options

Running Star Eagle Trophy

With beautiful wood detailing, stars encircling the base, and a flag-carrying eagle at the center, the Running Star Eagle Trophy epitomizes the all-American trophy. Plus, it’s an inexpensive option! Try buying this one in bulk for even better deals.

USA Rising Eagle Resin

The USA Rising Eagle Resin trophy offers a unique take on the classic eagle trophy. It sports a sleek red and blue design topped with a golden eagle head in profile. Its solid base adds a good weight to it — a high-quality feature for a deceptively low price!

Moderately Priced Eagle Trophies

Patriot Pewter Eagle Award

In the vast catalog of patriotic trophies, the Patriot Pewter Eagle Award truly stands out! The shining silver wings of the eagle soar high over the American flags to either side of its perch. As always, this award can be customized to suit you needs.

Hand Painted Eagle In Flight Award

To reflect your honoree’s hard work and dedication, you need a trophy that pays just as much attention to detail. The stunning, hand painted feathers of the Eagle In Flight Award are sure to leave an impression. The quality of this eagle trophy is hard to beat!

Premium Eagle Trophies

Bronze Cast Metal Finish Patriot Eagle Award

One especially classy eagle trophy is the Bronze Cast Patriot Eagle Award. The intricate details carved into each of the eagle’s feathers makes them look almost real. Plus, the shiny bronze finish is gorgeous! It's perfect for celebrating a professional achievement.

Premium Gold Flying Eagle Award

If you truly wish to wow your honoree, choose the Premium Gold Flying Eagle Award. The solid metal structure and hand painted gold body add an impressive weight to the trophy, speaking to its value. With an epic wingspan of 19.5 inches, this eagle trophy was made to commemorate only the greatest of achievements. This trophy is on its own level!

Browse The Whole Collection

There are plenty of other eagle trophies for you to choose from in our full selection, all with free, unlimited customization. Let us make your next ceremony as dignified and special as it can be.

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