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At awards ceremonies, it’s common to see star medals or cup trophies, but not necessarily eagle trophies. That’s because the eagle symbol is often saved for the most prestigious awards and honors.

The eagle is one of the most recognizable American icons, representing patriotism, heroism, leadership and many other deeply-rooted American values. As such, awarding an eagle trophy would be most fitting at an important or distinguished event. Here are a few examples.


Local Government Awards

Given that the eagle is a representation of America, and therefore the American government, a local government award ceremony would be the perfect place for eagle trophies to be awarded. A few specific award ideas to get you started:

  • Exemplary Accomplishment By A Local Government, Jurisdiction, Agency, Or Individual
  • Exemplary Public/Non-Profit Collaboration
  • Leadership In Planning And Design Innovation

Since these awards are a high honor, you’ll want to choose an eagle trophy reflective of that honor. Try out the Bronze Cast Metal Eagle trophy, which combines metal with glass that can be customized for the award title and the name of the recipient.


Customized Eagle Scout Awards

What better person to receive and eagle trophy than an Eagle Scout?

Several distinguished Eagle Scout awards are given at the national level, and it doesn't have to end there. Your local National Eagle Scout Association committee can create additional awards to recognize efforts and accomplishments in your area. For these awards, eagle trophies are ideal.

For your local scout troop, consider giving an eagle trophy or medal to scouts who have finally achieved the Eagle ranking. The Eagle In Flight Award is perfect for encouraging newly-fledged scouts to continue making a difference in their communities.


Hometown Hero Awards

You don’t need to be involved in a group or part of a government agency to make a difference. Many of the people who have the biggest impacts on their communities are just average citizens. When friends and neighbors go above and beyond to make a difference, consider awarding them an eagle trophy to commemorate their efforts. Some people to honor include:

  • The people who independently organize volunteers for public service or community events
  • Local law enforcement officers or first responders who keep your community safe
  • Teachers who make a significant, positive impact on their students

Try out the Gold Eagle Award to show them how appreciated they are. Sometimes their efforts go unnoticed, but you can help bring them into the spotlight!


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