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Receiving an Eagle Scout award is among the highest distinctions a Boy Scout can earn. The trophy or medal they are given should reflect their incredible accomplishments. While there are standardized awards across the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA), there are plenty of ways a local committee can honor the community’s young leaders.


Service To The Community Eagle Scout Award

The Eagle Service Project is a significant part of the NESA Eagle Scout application. The Scout proposes, plans and executes a notable public service project, generally geared toward helping a religious organization, a nonprofit group or the community at large. While this achievement is recognized at the formal award ceremony, a particularly impressive project could be honored in its own special way.

An eagle trophy would make the perfect Eagle Scout award for community service. The American Flag Eagle Award is a classic design, featuring an eagle flying with an American flag in its talons. Or, for a more subdued trophy, go with the Gold Eagle Award. Both are beautifully detailed and fully customizable.


Outstanding Leadership Eagle Scout Award

On top of completing a public service project, Scouts must earn 21 merit badges to be considered for the prestigious Eagle ranking. Many of these badges exemplify a Scout’s leadership abilities, developed throughout many years in his troop. For the truly outstanding leaders, a local Eagle Scout committee may choose to give out additional honors.

The Eagle In Flight Award would be perfect for an Eagle Scout who demonstrates all the qualities of a great leader. This eagle trophy features an eagle soaring in front of an American flag. Leadership is one of the most important American values, so a patriotic trophy like this one suits the occasion perfectly.

If you would rather give out something smaller to avoid overshadowing the other Scouts, you could award an eagle medal. The Bright Wreath Insert Eagle Medal is perfect to commemorate a Scout’s achievements.


Eagle Scout Scholarship

There are several scholarships associated with the Eagle Scouts. Many are given at the local level to graduating high school seniors who have achieved the Eagle rank. To salute your local Eagle Scouts as they move on to college, award them the Metal Eagle Mount Plaque.

Additionally, a copy of the plaque could be placed in the high school’s trophy case, or in the local Boy Scout headquarters. That way, all Eagle Scouts given the award can serve as inspiration to future generations.


There Are Plenty Of Other Eagle Scout Trophy Ideas To Discover

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