Custom Head Coach Trophies

Behind every team’s victory and winning season, there is that one person who makes it all possible. They inspire them to be their best, carry them through challenges and ultimately lead them to victory. We’re talking about none other than coaches. For all that they do, don’t they deserve an award of their own? We certainly think so and that’s why we have a wide selection of coach trophies to celebrate the ones who make it all possible!


For the coach that helps the team reach for the stars, a Black Crossed Star Coach Trophy is an excellent choice! Available in two sizes, this trophy has your choice of three toppers that sit atop an arc of stars on a weighted plastic base. At the base is a flexi-brass plate for personalized engraving. This also comes in blue and red.


For all those home runs he made possible, your head baseball coach deserves a special gift. This Home Plate Team Photo Baseball Plaque is more than just an award, it’s a treasured keepsake! This home plate replica comes with a beautiful gold frame and plexi-glass to display your team photo. Laser engrave your personalized message and your coach will treasure this for years to come.


Can’t decide between a trophy or plaque? With the MVP Plaque with Coach Figure award, you don’t have to! This award features a wooden plaque with your choice of figure topper on a wood base. With five options of plate customization to choose from, you can create a one-of-a-kind award. Engrave your team logo, personalized message or anything you want. All custom engraving is free and unlimited!


Hard working coached deserve a special award and this Elegant Coach Column Trophy fits the bill! Measuring 10 inches tall, this bronze electroplated resin sculpture features a coach whistle sitting atop a striking column on a wood base. At the base is a flexi-brass plate for free unlimited engraving.


For something fun, why not give your head coach his very own Coach Bobblehead Trophy? Standing six inches tall, this hand-painted resin trophy is expressive and animated. The gold and silver metallic paint give it a unique look. Make it extra special with free and unlimited custom engraving.


For a trophy that also makes a nice keepsake, give your favorite little league coach a Resin Glove Baseball Trophy! Made of gold painted resin, this trophy sits atop a wooden base and can accommodate a real baseball. Have the whole team sign a baseball to place in the glove and it will be a treasured memory from a successful season.


When it comes to just about any game, coaches make a big difference. In addition to our coach trophies, we have a great selection of custom plaques and coach gifts perfect for your favorite coach. And with our guaranteed fast delivery and 100% customer satisfaction, K2Awards wins every time!

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