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The theater has such a rich and storied history. Why not honor that in your drama club awards? These drama medals and trophies are so timeless and elegant, they’re worth using year after year. Even the most seasoned of thespians will be happy to add any one of these drama club awards to their collection.

premier drama medal

Premier Drama Medal

This medal features the time-honored and classic drama masks so closely associated with the theater. With a sleek and modern twist, the Premier Drama Medal is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Consider giving these medals to all participants on and off the stage.

classic achievement award

Classic Achievement Award

Some people say this award resembles the famous Oscar™ trophy and is instantly recognizable with a strong figure standing proud. The Classic Achievement Award will be a hit with your most noteworthy drama students. (Note: This award is not in any way affiliated with the Oscars.)

standard drama trophy

Standard Drama Trophy

The Standard Drama Trophy is a drama club classic. With elegant gold and stone finishes, this drama award is the perfect thing to honor your gifted drama students.

motion drama trophy

Drama Motion Extreme Trophy

Looking for something to reward your outstanding actors and actresses? The Drama Motion Extreme Trophy is just the thing. These drama trophies are incredibly detailed and convey the true spirit and history of the theater.

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