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Cheerleading medals are the perfect way to award teams of any age for any achievement. Cheer medals can be given as participation awards to young cheerleaders, as placeholders for the top three champions in a cheer tournament and much more. Let's take a look at a few of our most popular cheer medals that you'll definitely want to jump at.

star wreath cheerleading medal

If you're looking for cheerleader medals with some classic flair, the Star Wreath CheerleadingMedal is the design for you. This medal features two cheerleading standbys: pom-poms and a megaphone. They're perfect for recognizing the whole team's efforts at your end-of-season awards ceremony. Plus, with our amazing bulk pricing, you can stockpile these cheerleading medals for years of achievements to come!

super star cheer medal

Every team has a superstar who stands out from the rest — you need cheerleading medals that can do the same! The Super StarCheer Medal is a unique and memorable design that your top cheerleader can wear proudly and showcase next to their other awards. You can also customize the ribbon to feature the classic red, white and blue design, the current year, a place number or any of our other special designs.

burst wreath cheer medal

The intricate engraving on the Burst Wreath Cheer Medal lets your cheering champions shine. These cheer medals feature a cheerleader posing with pom-poms inside a shield-shaped backdrop. Personalized engraving is also an option for the burst wreath medal, so you can add a team member's name or the title of the award on the medallion's backside.

star cheerleading medal

Choose cheer medals that shout loud and proud to show everyone who's number one. Award the gold Star Cheerleading Medal to the champion of your next cheerleading tournament. Choose a commemorative ribbon so that the winner can always look back on their victory fondly.

star circle cheer medal

You can't go wrong with classic Star Circle Cheer Medals. The realistic pom-pom design and megaphone encircled with stars make the perfect traditional achievement medal for your next awards ceremony. You can also choose from gold, silver or bronze to suit the specifications of the award.

Let Your Team Spirit Shine With K2 Awards

With K2 Awards, you'll get everything from custom engraving to the ribbon of your choice to make each medal special, just like each of your amazing cheerleaders. Explore our full catalog of cheerleading medals, trophies and more!

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