Cheerleading isn't just about being peppy; it's a sport that requires athleticism and plenty of hard work. Coming up with cheer award ideas that recognize all of your team's outstanding talents can be challenging. Let's look at a few award ideas to get you started, plus some trophies to match. Some of these cheerleader awards categories can be broken down into smaller subcategories — Amazing Acrobatics is one of them! You can honor someone with a general award for their incredible stunt work, or you can recognize multiple team members who excel in certain moves.

Live Action Cheer Trophy

No matter how you decide to divvy up these cheerleading awards, you should consider this cheer award for your special prize. This particular trophy is a K2 Awards exclusive, representing a cheerleader that's always ready to go full force from the field to a tournament. Her action-packed pose is perfect for honoring a cheerleader who really knows her stunts.

Motion Column Cheer Trophy

Some of the most complicated cheerleading stunts involve lifting and tossing a girl into the air: she's known as the "flyer." This person has to have incredible balance, control and trust in her teammates. For all of these amazing traits and more, you need cheerleader awards for your team's "Flyest Flyer." To properly honor your flyer's athleticism, get a trophy that stands above the rest. The Motion Cheerleading Column Trophy features a cheerleader leaping high above her trophy pedestal, pom-poms in hand. The base is also customizable, so you can engrave a cheerleader's name or the title of the award to create a lasting reminder of their accomplishments.

Super Hero Cheer Trophy

The strength of the main base cheerleader is just as critical to a stunt's success as the skill of the flyer. This cheerleader has to support the bulk of the flyer's weight and be ready to safely catch her as she comes back down. Honor her strength and stability with the Super Hero Cheer Insert Trophy. This trophy has plenty of opportunities for personalization, so you can make it as unique as the cheerleader receiving it. It's perfect for the award title of "Super Strength!"

Star Action Cheer Trophy

From scorpions to cry babies, cheerleading moves require an amazing level of balance to pull off successfully. And yet, some cheerleaders never seem to waver! Their breathtaking balance needs to be celebrated in a special way. You may want to look for cheerleader awards that feature a balancing queen, such as the Star Action Cheerleader Award: it's topped with a cheerleader balancing on a shooting star. This shining golden trophy is ideal for recognizing your honoree's unique skill.

Check Mate Cheer Trophy

Whether this person is team captain or a squad member who consistently leads the way in team spirit, they deserve to be appreciated. The Checkmate Cheer Trophy is one of many cheerleading awards that can honor a cheerleader's outstanding leadership. Featuring a cheerleader jumping with spirit, this cheer trophy is for the girls who always show the most spirit. Engraving is free and unlimited, so you can personalize this trophy to your specifications.

While these suggestions are a great place to start forming cheerleading award ideas, you don't need to stop here. Browse our full catalog of customizable cheerleading awards to find the perfect fit for your team.


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