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While it can be tempting to choose cheap trophies when preparing for an awards ceremony, there are some moments when it’s better to go with a more expensive option. Think of this article as your go-to guide for trophy etiquette.

When Cheap Trophies Are Okay

  • Awards ceremonies for small kids: whether its a participation trophy or a placeholder for Field Day events, going with cheap trophies is just fine. The kids are just excited to have something new to bring home to show Mom and Dad!
  • Casual group activities: if you want to take game night with the squad up a notch, throw some placeholders in the mix! Cheap trophies will work just fine in this situation.
  • Joke trophies: sometimes you need to poke fun at your friends, and the perfect way to do that is through a joke trophy! Pick up some cheap trophies in bulk to hand out whenever the need arises and have your friends wondering just how many of those you have up your sleeve (or in your closet).

When Cheap Trophies Aren't Okay

    • High profile occasions or recipients: if an award is going out to a business for their spectacular performance in the past year, a cheap trophy is not the way to go. Cheap trophies also wouldn’t be right to give to a CEO or honored alumni. Step up the trophy quality by choosing something made with nicer materials, like glass, metal, or crystal.
    • Somber occasions: some events involve installing a commemorative plaque for an outstanding or special person who has passed away. In this case, you have to get something of a higher quality (especially if the plaque or trophy is going to be displayed in an outdoor setting). Cheap trophies simply won’t do.
    • Rare or impressive achievements: if you’re honoring someone going onto a wall of fame or achieving a high academic award, a cheap trophy isn’t going to cut it. You need to show that you recognize their achievement both through the ceremony and through the quality of the trophy you give them.

Our full selection of trophies is loaded with options for any event or budget. Whether you’re looking for cheap trophies or something extravagant, we have exactly what you need!

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