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Business award trophies and plaques are sought-after by companies and leaders in countless industries.  It makes sense: They act as tangible proof and a continual reminder of success for the recipient. Having a business trophy on a desk or a business plaque on the wall at your place of work is also a conversation piece and a way to build customers’ trust.

At the same time, business awards and trophies are also a reflection of the organization giving them out. They can assert your leadership in an industry, and they make a statement about what you stand for. That’s why it’s important to put your best foot forward.

To uphold your organization’s professional reputation, you have to be a bit of a perfectionist. Whether you’re giving out business trophies, plaques or any other business recognition gifts, be extra careful to avoid these embarrassing mistakes.

1. Typos or poor grammar

Blatant errors are just plain sloppy. Other engraving mistakes may be understandable, but they’re still avoidable. For example, double and triple check the spelling of the names and company names that will be engraved on any business plaque or trophy. And if you weren’t an English major, don’t put all the pressure of proofreading on yourself. Run your message by a few other people before you have it engraved.

2. The appearance of favoritism

This tip comes down to how you decide who gets an award. It’s important to be transparent about how and why winners are chosen. Otherwise, you may be accused of making choices politically, which can tarnish your reputation and devalue the award you’re giving.

3. Cheap or tacky business awards and trophies

Business awards are usually meant to feel prestigious. Their design should be chosen accordingly. When in doubt, go with a classic style of trophy or plaque. Many crystal, glass and even acrylic awards are a good fit for business occasions because they tend to convey a sense of sophistication and professionalism.


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