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When it comes to engraving academic awards, simplicity is key. You’ll want to keep academic medals and trophies consistent, while leaving enough room on each for the necessary wording. We’ve provided some tips and suggestions to make engraving your academic awards easier than ever.

Keep In Mind Those Lengthy Names

When getting academic awards or medals engraved, you should keep in mind the longest student names. You’ll want to keep the format of the engravings consistent for all recipients, so this means you’ll need to leave plenty of room for unusually long names.

What’s The Award For?

Academic medals should specify what the award is for as succinctly as possible. Some examples include:

  • Outstanding Math Scores
  • Groundbreaking Research
  • Top of the Class

In order to make the recipient feel special, be sure to identify the award type to observe the momentous occasion.

Acknowledge The Award

In addition to identifying the award type, adding in a line of acknowledgement, if space allows, can elevate the award even more. Some good examples of acknowledgement include:

  • Awarded to…
  • Presented to…
  • Honoring…
  • In Recognition of…

These acknowledgements would naturally go either before the recipient’s name or before the award name itself, depending on the acknowledgement wording.

Add The Date, If There’s Space

If you have the room, it can be nice to add the date the award was given. This addition will help commemorate the memorable event even more. If it’s a monthly award, you can keep it short and sweet with the month and year, for example: May 2018. If it’s a yearly coveted award, it’s good to add the entire date, for example: May 12, 2018.

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