Lamp of knowledge

If you’ve seen, obtained, purchased or are ordering academic awards, you’ve no doubt noticed the lamp of learning on these medals and trophies. What is this mysterious symbol and how does it connect to academia? Well what looks like something from a tale in “One Thousand and One Arabian Nights,” actually also has an interesting connection to higher learning.

Lamp of Learning Origins

The lamp of knowledge originally derived from the ancient Egyptian ankh symbol, which resembles a cross with a loop at the top. While the ankh symbolized life, it was later modified into the “lamp of life,” featuring an eternal flame of knowledge. Today it is the official symbol of both higher education and the profession of nursing.

It is believed that the inspiration for adopting the lamp of knowledge as the official symbol for higher education comes from the story of Diogenes, a Greek Cynic philosopher from around 412-323 BC. It is thought that Diogenes carried a lantern at noon each day in search of an “honest man.” The honest man represents both truth and knowledge. And thus, the lamp of knowledge symbolism was born.

Academic Awards

K2 Awards offers quite a few academic medals and trophies featuring the lamp of learning.

The star curved academic trophy has a curved design, emulating the lines and design of the lamp of knowledge. Its rustic finish and incredible detail are sure to thrill any recipient.

The world class knowledge medal features intricate detail work on an impressive 3-inch long faceplate. This lamp of knowledge academic medal will put a smile on any winner’s face.

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