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Choosing the right track awards doesn't need to be difficult! At K2 Awards, we have plenty of timeless track awards that never fail, so your choice can be fast and easy. Below, we share three of our favorites. These awards will look good for years to come thanks to their classic styling, so your athletes can proudly display them for a lifetime!

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1. Motion Track Trophy:

Both the Motion Track Female Trophy and the Motion Track Male Trophy are classic track awards to hand out to your athletes. Featuring a runner in motion with swooping designs that depict speed, this running trophy will look great on a mantle, shelf, or anywhere else for years to come. These trophies capture the excitement of the sport and are the go-to track trophy for many competitions. The personalized engravement allows you to highlight specific accomplishments and the name of the athlete as well.

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2. Star Wreath Track Medal

Track medals are a timeless way to recognize accomplishments, and the Star Wreath Track Medal is an easy choice for those seeking a simple and effective award. Choose the ribbon as well as the medal color based on the race and achievement. All our medals also give you the option of personalized engravement so you can highlight any details you may desire.

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3. Track Activity Plaque

The Track Activity Plaque is the classic example of what you may find hanging in a hall of fame or above the nightstand of a former track athlete. The simple design showcases the achievements of an athlete and embodies the enduring heritage of the sport. Celebrate your athlete with a plaque that they can treasure for a lifetime!

Shop K2 Awards for all of your track awards and celebrate the accomplishments of your athletes with trophies and medals they’ll love as much as their sport!

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