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It looks like our final summer swim meets are quickly approaching! Time to reward our hard-working little swimmers with the greatly anticipated end-of-the season trophies and medals. At K2 Awards we have composed a list of our top 10 swimming awards to ensure that our young athletes receive only the best and highest recognition. All of our trophies and medals are customizable with personalized engraving! Take a look at our top 10 list and choose the perfect award for your #1 swimmer!

Swimming Trophies

Ultra Action Swimming Male/Female Trophy

The 6.5" Ultra Action Swimming Trophy Resin shows the swimmer in action, just as if he or she were the middle of a competition! These trophies are sleek and elegant, showing the life of a swimmer at the most exciting moments. Everyone will be excited to receive one of these awards!

Billboard Swimming Trophy- Male/Female
This awesome trophy shows the swimmer about to dive in! The Billboard Swimming Trophy is a beauty, with a lovely dark gold finish that adds a special touch. Available in sizes 6 inch and 7 inch.

Standard Swimming Trophy- Male/Female
The 6″ Swimming Standard Trophy is a classic trophy for a swimmer of any skill level. Choose a topper of your choice and a marble base. These trophies have a beautiful shine and an elegant stance.

Centurion Swim Trophy
This trophy makes our top 5 list because of its great variety of textures and colors. The 5" Color Centurion Swim Trophy includes all the important elements of swimming, with a beautiful pool and stop watch. The attention to detail is really highlighted in these trophies.

Bobble Head Swimming Trophy- Male/Female
Put some fun into buying trophies with The Swimming Bobblehead Trophy! Kids will love these expressive awards, and parents will get a kick out of them. These resin trophies are sure to entertain the whole team, everyone loves a bobblehead!


USA Flag Swimming Medal
The patriotic USA Flag Swimming Medal is an attractive large American Flag medal that comes in Gold, Silver, and Bronze. This 2.75" antique finish medal features realistic swimming goggles and a stop watch floating in a swimming pool. Choose from one of our many full color ribbons!

2018 Swimming Insert Medal
Our 2018 Insert Medals are low priced and can be customized with many different laminated inserts! Choose from our stock swim inserts or upload your team's logo, your own artwork or even a photograph! Make 2018 a year defined by victory and achievement.

Star Wreath Swimming Medal

The Star Wreath Swimming Medal is perfect for everyone participating. This classic style medal has great detail with swimming goggles surrounded by a wreath and stars. These medals are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze and your choice of ribbon color that comes attached! Make these awards truly unique to your recipient by adding personalization to each medal!

Star Circle Swim Medal
The 2.5" Star Circle Swim Medal is a traditional achievement medal sure to please everyone. The medal, which comes in gold, silver, and bronze, features a decorative stop watch submerged in a swimming pool surrounded by a circle of stars. Choose from one of our many ribbons, including full color sublimated ribbons.

World Class Swimming Medal
Check out this HUGE World Class Swimming Medal. The 3 inch swimming medals have good weight and impressive detail. These medals are sure to WOW anybody that sees them. These medals are available in gold, silver and bronze and your choice of ribbon color that comes attached! Make these awards truly unique to your recipient by adding personalization to each medal!

Happy Summer! From K2 to our future Olympic swimmers! ;)


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Isabella Bussell

Really awesome list. Thanks for giving this list in detail.

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