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Plaques For 2022 Have Gotten An Update

Making a company successful is a team effort. Your employees are an important part in making your company succeed and it’s important to show them how much their work matters. Keeping up with trend in rewarding is vital in creating a culture of innovation in a progressive work environment.  2022 brings back the popularity of the very traditional plaque, but with a modern twist.  While wood wall plaques remain popular, Glass Plaques, Acrylic Plaques and Plaques with Color update the tried and true.

Our most popular glass plaque is the Premium Curved Glass Plaque.  This beautiful award is a subtle shade of jade.  The plaque comes in 4 sizes. With the curved shape, the plaque rests solidly on the employees desk or shines on a shelf. Best of all, these plaques are affordable starting at just over $20.

To commemorate an awesome performance, our Classic Gold Border Plaque is ideal! Available in four sizes and with five different finish options, this plaque is a very handsome award. You also have two options for custom engraving with your choice of colored or gold logo. The plate has a gold border and plenty of room for free, unlimited personalized engraving.

Star performers are in a class all their own, so why not give them a Plaque With Stars which combines the star theme with vibrant colors.  Available in several sizes, these beautiful star plaques have plenty of room for customized etching on the surface. The laser engraving gives the text a regal gold appearance. 

When it comes to recognizing your top performers, you want to give them something as unique as they are. At K2 Awards, we make it easy. In addition to free unlimited engraving, we also offer design assistance to any award. So why not show your appreciation and make a lasting impression and order your custom business awards today?

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