5 Things to Consider When Buying a Trophy

Not all trophies are created the same! Follow these steps to identifying the best trophy for your team. Show your team you care by picking the best custom trophy.

1.) Weight

Weight has a surprising effect on the perceived quality of an award. Picking up a beautiful trophy and feeling it barely weigh anything can be very disappointing. A heavy trophy shows the real gravity of an accomplishment! Take for example a first place trophy; you want this trophy to be heavy because this is an important and celebratory trophy.

2.) Detail

Take the detail of a typical trophy topper and multiply it by ten, and you’ll get our V-series trophies. The detail of the toppers on these V-series trophies  include wrinkles in the shirt to show the athlete running and even the spikes in the player’s cleats. Impress your team by passing out these detailed trophies at an award ceremony.

3.) Size

Celebrate a big accomplishment with an even bigger trophy! The size of a trophy is one of the most crucial things in the trophy picking process. You don’t want to give a first place team a smaller trophy than a third place team. A large trophy would also be a great option for a player who won MVP of their team. Take for example our Three Post Giant Trophy! This trophy can is available in heights including 20, 25, or even 32 inches.

4.) Material

You can’t go wrong with a classic trophy, but did you know that resin trophies are gaining popularity? Resin trophies are higher quality, more detailed, and much more durable than your plastic trophy. Take for example this resin cheerleading trophy. The resin material and dark gold finish make this topper look more lifelike than other trophies.

5.) Age of Recipients

Consider the age of the athletes you are buying trophies for, and cater to that age. There are so many fun trophies to choose from that are specifically made for kids! Take for example our selection of T-Ball trophies which includes many age appropriate T-Ball trophies since most of the athletes in this sport are younger. From our great-selling Little Buddy Baseball Trophies to our Little Star BaseBall Trophy, your kids will be so excited to receive one of these! Have questions about ordering your trophies online? K2 Awards has been in business since 2002. Our trophy experts are happy to help you find the best trophy for your needs. Contact us today!



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Players Bio

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Memories By Sylvan

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Sylvan Studio

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