4 Creative Ways to Display Academic Awards

So you have an academic in the family? Great! That means you probably have a bunch of academic awards around the house. Hang those up in an eye-catching display and celebrate all of your child’s accomplishments with these ideas.

1.) Frames for Accomplishments

A classic decoration idea for all types of academic awards can be a unique and personalized frame. Frames are a great display idea because they help you show of a variety of award types. From patches, pins and medals, you can mix and match any number of awards in a single frame! Or you can use a modern looking shadow box frame to fit trophies. Plus it’s easy to rearrange! You can have multiple frames dedicated to particular academic awards. Have a frame devoted to drama awards, or a shadow box for spelling bee trophies!

2.) Medal Hanging Displays

If your child has a lot of academic medals, medal hanging is a unique and visually appealing way to show them off. There are many different ways you can get creative with medal hanging. For academic achievements, we recommend hanging them below an emblem of their school mascot or an inspirational quote about academic achievements. This is a perfect idea to decorate your child’s bedroom, maybe even have the display over the bed frame.

3.) Classic Display

The classic display shelf has everything you need to show off all your child’s academic awards. You can have hooks for the academic medals, and a shelf for any photos, academic plaques and/or academic trophies your child has received throughout the years. Add an extra layer to this display shelf by adding wooden letters of your child’s initials to the display. You can hodge podge honor roll announcements and other academic achievements from the paper to this display.

4.) Display Awards at Grad Party

Celebrate your child's academic achievements throughout the years at their graduation by creating a graduation party display. Present their academic trophies, academic medals, and academic awards so everyone can see what they accomplished in high school. We recommend putting these academic awards alongside photos of your child throughout their academic years grades k-12. This will give your guests a visual of all your child’s accomplishments and how much they’ve grown! These ideas will show your child how much you celebrate their academic achievements. Be sure to check out our selection of academic awards and contact us for questions about your academic trophy needs!

Now that you've got the displays, time to get the awards!

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