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Looking for a special way to reward your star players for a hard-fought basketball season? Not sure which kids basketball trophies would be the best choice for your favorite young athletes?

The first images that come to mind may be classic gold, silver or bronze designs. These are still timeless options, but they might cost more than you want to spend on kids basketball trophies.

The good news is, K2 Awards offers a wide variety of impressive and low-cost trophy designs. Instead of settling for just any cheap basketball trophies, you can get high-quality, affordable basketball trophies that your players will love. Your options are virtually endless.

So how do you choose? To help, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best kids basketball trophies in terms of design, quality, customer preference and low prices.

Whether you’re giving out trophies for individual basketball awards, a championship victory or simply for participation, these basketball trophies for kids are guaranteed to make the players on your team feel valued.

1. Glow In The Dark Basketball Trophy

The Glow In The Dark Basketball Trophy is a fun and unique award for little ones. This six inch resin trophy contains sections that really glow in the dark! The design features a basketball, basketball hoop and striking lightning bolt, all of which have parts that glow a bright, neon yellow-green in the dark.

2. Star Action Basketball Award

This dynamic trophy design shows a basketball player in motion, jumping over a golden star. The Star Action Basketball Award is a great way to motivate young athletes to keep shooting for the moon! The version pictured is perfect for boys’ teams, and a female Star Action Basketball Award is available for girls’ teams.

3. Victory Scene Basketball Trophy

This elegant award is one that your kids will want to hang onto forever. The Victory Scene Basketball Trophy is a small but weighty trophy. Its design combines a “V” for “victory” and a sense of movement, capturing the energy and action of the game your players love.

4. Little Buddy Basketball Trophy

For the littlest kids basketball trophies, look no further. The Little Buddy Basketball Trophy is THE trophy for little league players. How could you not love him?

5. Star Shield Basketball Trophy

The detailed Star Shield Basketball Trophy is a solid choice for any kids’ basketball team. This shield-shaped design features gold-colored stars on the edges and a few other gold-colored details that help make the award look extra sharp on a trophy shelf.

6. Victory Wing Basketball Award

The Victory Wing Basketball Award is meant to make your team believe they can fly! This resin trophy features a basketball, shield and banner with a pair of majestic wings stretched out in victory. It’s a beautiful basketball award for a triumphant team.

7. 3D Basketball Sports Crystal

The prestigious 3D Basketball Sports Crystal trophy features a special laser-engraved 3D basketball player with personalized engraved text at the bottom. It’s available in the female version shown, or you can choose the male 3D Basketball Sports Crystal trophy This mesmerizing trophy design is an exciting yet affordable way to recognize your top performers and star players.

8. Star Banner Basketball Trophy

The bright Star Banner Basketball Trophy is 6 inches tall and features a gold banner with stars wrapping around a basketball. It’s simple yet visually interesting, making it an excellent way to reward teams of all ages for their outstanding performance.

9. Ultra Action Basketball Trophy

The 6.5-inch male Ultra Action Basketball Trophy and female Ultra Action Basketball Trophy show a player mid-shot, capturing the action of the competition. Either version is a sleek way to celebrate a basketball player’s most exciting moments.

10. Team Spirit Basketball Trophy

If you prefer column-style basketball trophies, this one is a classic. The Team Spirit Basketball Trophy comes in three sizes: 9 inches, 11 inches or 13 inches tall.


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