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Ready to shop for baseball trophies but not sure which to choose? Maybe you don’t have time to search through all the many baseball trophy styles offered by K2 Awards, or maybe the options are just overwhelming.

While there’s certainly room to be creative with your baseball trophy selection, sometimes it’s easiest (and more than OK) to go with a proven favorite. That’s why we developed this list.

These five baseball trophies are some of the most popular and most versatile baseball awards we offer. Choose any one of them with confidence for players and coaches of all ages and genders. In our experience, each one is a hit.

1. Resin Glove Baseball Trophy

Yes, this really is one of our resin baseball trophies, not a real baseball glove. It just features so much detail, it may look real at first glance. The Resin Glove Baseball Trophy can stand on its own, but it’s also big enough to hold a baseball signed by every player of the team. That makes it an especially meaningful coach’s gift.

2. Little Cup Baseball Trophy

The Little Cup Baseball Trophy is a popular, affordable choice for every player on the team. It may be only five inches tall, but it packs a lot of detail and personality. Part of its charm is the aged-looking finish, which helps to give it a classic, antique look.

3. Star Shield Baseball Trophy

A twist on a classic shape, the Star Shield Baseball Trophy seems to say, “We’re winners, and we’ll defend the title.” Adding to its appeal is a warm gold finish that’s bright and celebratory without being overly polished. Customers tend to love this baseball trophy so much, they’ve been known to order it more than once.

4. Baseball Display Case

If you’re looking for a baseball holder trophy to display and protect a meaningful game ball, this Baseball Display Case is a go-to. The baseball is visible from five sides, and you can still add custom engraving to the plate on the front. It’s great as a personal keepsake or a gift.

5. Uniform Baseball Trophy

Still somewhat traditional but with a little flair, the Uniform Baseball Trophy is a safe yet fun choice for any baseball team. It’s also affordable enough to get one for every player without breaking the bank.

If you don’t feel like shopping, you could choose any one of these baseball trophies right now in confidence. You really can’t go wrong.

But if you have something else in mind, we probably have that, too. These are just a few popular examples of the many designs we offer. So feel free to browse more baseball trophies until you find your home run.

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