Fun Kids' Baseball Trophy Ideas

Choosing baseball trophies for little league can be almost as fun as playing the game — at least if you’re shopping for baseball trophies from K2 Awards!

Capture the joy of the sport and the energetic personalities of the players with a keepsake that’s anything but boring. To save you some time, we’ve created a list of some of our must playful and unique baseball trophies for little league.

glow in the dark baseball trophy

1. Glow In The Dark Baseball Trophy

Want to make their faces light up? Tell them their trophy lights up in the dark. The Glow In The Dark Baseball Trophy looks cool even in the daytime, but at night, it outshines every other option.

baseball trophy dude

2. Baseball Trophy Dude

Your own little dudes and dudettes will love this guy. The Baseball Trophy Dude is part award, part toy. He even has posable arms, so you can put him in any victory stance you choose.

(Tip: If you like character baseball trophies, also check out our Little Buddy Baseball Trophy, Happy Cup Baseball Trophy and Little Star Baseball Trophy)

torch baseball trophy

3. Classic Torch Baseball Trophy

If you want a trophy featuring a baseball player topper, you might think the only options are adult players. Enter the Classic Torch Baseball Trophy. We love that it’s shiny and sleek, but still a little bit whimsical.

spinner baseball trophy

4. Sponge Spinner Baseball Trophy

This ball on the Sponge Spinner Baseball Trophy actually spins like a globe! It’s a fitting feature for a keepsake that could mean the world to a proud young athlete.

bobblehead baseball trophy

5. Bobblehead Baseball Trophy

Even adults love bobbleheads, but they make especially perfect baseball trophies for little league. Give this Bobblehead Baseball Trophy to your team, and just watch how happy it makes them.

monster baseball trophy

6. Monster Baseball Trophy

Is your little league team small but mighty? They might be the perfect recipients for this Monster Baseball Trophy. Bonus points if the team name includes the word “monsters.”

card baseball trophy

7. 3D Activity Card Baseball Trophy

Your little athletes never stop moving, so why should their trophies? The image on the 3D Activity Card Baseball Trophy appears to jump out at you and move when viewed at different angles.

cup baseball trophy

8. Standout Winner Cup Baseball Trophy

If you want unique baseball trophies full of vivid color, the Standout Winner Cup Baseball Trophy may be your favorite option. It’s one of the most unconventional shapes of all the resin baseball trophies out there, and it’s just so fun to look at.

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