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For over 60 years, the Cub Scouts’ annual pinewood derby has been a highly anticipated event. The quest to create a winning pinewood derby car allows children to be creative and learn valuable skills. They gain an understanding of woodworking and basic mechanics along with seeing the laws of physics in action. But most importantly of all, they learn the value of hard work and accomplishment.

There are so many ways to design a pinewood derby car. Kids can be creative with paint color, model it on their favorite character or superhero and even have a glow in the dark race  with black lights and fluorescent cars. There are plenty of options for creating the best, fastest, most creative pinewood derby car. After victory on the track is achieved, take time to celebrate the winners with an awards ceremony.

To really make your pinewood derby memorable, why not have a combination awards ceremony and pizza party? As part of the celebration, you can designate a “winner’s circle” where you can hold post-race interviews and take photos. You can have awards for different pinewood derby categories in addition to speed. For first, second and third all around, the Pinewood Derby Column Trophy with Trim is a great option. For other categories, a customizable insert trophy like the Victory Wing Pinewood Derby Insert Trophy is ideal. Our Bright Color Pinewood Derby Medal is also a great for a participation award or honorable mention.

However you decide to celebrate your pinewood derby, K2 Awards has a wide variety of awards to make your event memorable. Be sure to also check out our selection of Pinewood Derby Plaques and other trophies for even more ideas and inspiration.

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