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The sport of golf is more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. Golfers work hard to hone their skills, but they also know how to enjoy themselves on the course.

So whether you’re hosting a golf outing, or you just want to honor a golfer in your life, you need above-par golf awards.

We’ve chosen some of our top-rated, classy golf awards that are sure to win over any golfer, no matter their skill level.

hole in one trophy

Hole-In-One Trophy

With countless five-star reviews, this hole-in-one trophy is a proven hit. Whether you’re a golf master or putt-putt prodigy, you can proudly display your game-winning or hole-in-one ball atop the intricately carved tee. And the gorgeous pewter-colored finish pairs perfectly with the classic, sleek design of this popular golf trophy.

golf bag trophy

Pewter Finish Golf Bag Trophy

Whether it’s for a competition, or to honor the golf-lover in your life, this pewter-finish golf bag trophy is a standout. This golf award features an intricately designed golf bag filled with clubs atop a well-manicured green. With this incredible attention to detail, any golfer will be proud to show this golf trophy off.

golf plaque

Sport Photo Golf Plaque

In the market for something different? The sport photo golf plaque is a great alternative to traditional golf awards and trophies. Available in five different finishes, this photo plaque is a great way to commemorate any event. With a slew of five-star reviews, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a quality award.

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