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Choosing your soccer trophies is one half of the battle — deciding how you want them engraved is the other. Luckily, K2 Awards can help you with both! Let's explore a few popular engraving ideas and trophies to recognize the entire team.

One And Done

Keep the job of award-planning simple by buying trophies in bulk and having them all engraved with the same messaging. K2 Awards offers free personalized engraving and special discounts on bulk orders, so awarding the entire team doesn't have to break the bank. Simply choose your soccer trophy design, enter the text you would like to appear on the base (such as the year and team name) and kick back! Our speedy shipping means that your trophies will be on your doorstep and ready to be awarded in no time.

Kick It Up A Notch

Another way to keep award buying simple while adding a personalized touch is to choose an insert trophy. On top of free engraving, you can also add a sticker. Choose from any of our free, pre-designed stickers or design your very own logo for just $0.99. When you combine custom engraving with an insert logo, you'll get a truly unique soccer trophy to serve as a lasting reminder of a great season for your team. Try out the Soccer Figure Insert Trophy, available with both male and female designs, to get started!

Get Extra Ambitious

If you want to recognize the individual strengths of your team members, you need to go all out. Consider engraving each player's award with a unique title or their name, if you've pre-determined who's earned what. You can add the year and team name as well, to make the awards extra memorable.

Fanciest Footwork


Award the team member who uses their fancy footwork to complete perfect passes and shield the ball from the other team. On top of it all, they can juggle a ball like nobody's business. The CheckMate Soccer Trophy is perfect for recognizing this player's incredible skills.

Dazzling Defense


Defenders play a critical role on the field, ensuring that no competing team members break through and score a goal. Celebrate their defensive achievements with the Star Column Soccer Trophy, which features two players battling for control of the ball.

Glowing Goalie


After defenders, the goalie is the last line of defense between the other team and the net. To recognize your goalie's glowing efforts and stellar saves, award them the Glow In The Dark Soccer Trophy. It's sure to be the star of their awards shelf for years to come!

Fantastic Forward


Honor the players who are on the front lines of the game with the Star Action Soccer Award. These golden soccer trophies have a male and female option and, as with all of our trophy bases, you can add personalized text to include the name of the player or award.

Magnificent Midfielder


Midfielders have the important job of balancing the duties of a defender and forward, helping out wherever they're needed. The Wristband Soccer Trophy is a unique way for players to display their award on both their shelf and their wrist — the band around the center of the trophy is removable and can be worn anywhere!

Killer Cleats


Nothing gets past this player's cleats! Celebrate the team member who intercepts passes and snags the ball from the competing team no matter what it takes. The Flame Soccer Trophy is ideal for the player whose footwork is on fire.

Powerful Punt

The Power Soccer Trophy is perfect for the player whose punts can send the ball sailing clear to the other team's goal box. These soccer trophies have a unique bronze color scheme and have both male and female designs.

Most Goals Scored

For the outstanding player whose shots always hit the net, award the Color Sport Scene Soccer Trophy. The gold column soars up to a soccer ball heading straight for the goal box, making it the perfect representation of your player's achievements.

Most Improved

Even if a player doesn't start out a season strong, they can improve dramatically by the final game. To recognize the inspirational growth of this team member, award them the Uniform Soccer Trophy.

Outstanding Leadership

Whether this person is team captain or the player who always manages to boost everyone's spirits, they deserve recognition. Award them the Open Star Soccer Trophy to show them your appreciation.

Soccer Scholarship Award

If part of your end-of-season ceremony includes awarding a senior team member with a scholarship, you should definitely consider the Sports Crystal Soccer Award. This crystal soccer trophy will stand out whether the player keeps it on their home display shelf or in their dorm room.

Find The Perfect Customizable Soccer Trophies For Your Team

K2 Awards has even more great soccer trophies, medals and plaques for you to choose from in our full selection. Browse for even more ideas or contact our customer service team with any questions you may have


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