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Every season, your team plays their hearts out. That is why it’s so important to recognize the players’ hard work, sportsmanship and, hopefully, victory. What better way to do that than with a custom award?

Finding the right award for your team can be challenging. It seems as though you have to choose between quality and price. But thanks to K2 Awards, you don’t have to. Our selection of custom medals, plaques and trophies allow you to have custom, high quality awards at a price you can afford.

K2 Awards makes it easy with affordable basketball trophies that any baller will love. Plus, we guarantee consistent quality, accurate customization and exceptional customer service.

Read on for tips to help you choose the perfect basketball trophy right for just about any player.

Kids’ Basketball Trophies

Being part of a sports team is a great experience for a kid. Celebrate teamwork with youth basketball trophies for all. Here are some great suggestions for kids’ basketball trophies.

Basketball Trophies for Every Player

Make the whole team feel included with a small trophy for each player. K2 Awards offers a wide variety of kids’ basketball trophies to choose from. When shopping everyone, choose something that reflects the personality and character of team while still being affordable.

There are so many styles and shapes available, from classic to playful. To add even more fun to award giving, try something with color. No matter which one you choose, every award from K2 Awards can be customized with the player’s name at no additional cost.

A Shared Team Trophy

When the entire team wins the coveted championship, it’s time to go big or go home! Just because you want to go big doesn’t mean you have to break the bank; plastic and resin basketball trophies are very popular for kids’ teams. Consider this Tower Resin Basketball Trophy for a classic look. Or, throw in a splash of color with an option like this trophy for boys’ basketball, or this trophy for girls’ basketball.

Teen and Adult Basketball Trophies

When teens and adults leave it all on the court, they deserve to be recognized, too. And bigger players deserve bigger, better trophies. Look for large basketball trophies worthy of a champ — something your team will be proud to display.

Basketball MVP Trophy

Recognizing an MVP is such an important and long-standing basketball tradition that K2 Awards offers a trophy specifically for this occasion. Choose a male basketball MVP trophy or a female basketball MVP trophy. You can also engrave any of our other basketball trophies to transform it into an MVP trophy.

Personalize Any Basketball Trophy

All our basketball trophies can be engraved to recognize any team or player. You can either keep it simple with a name and a year, or add notes to create individual awards, such as “exceptional sportsmanship” or “most improved player.” The possibilities are endless. All that matters is that your basketball trophies will be meaningful to your team.

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